Silence the Foe

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Silence the foe hail from the year 2000. In its beginning years, the band played more shows across the Norwegian national borders than within. In contradiction to many other bands, Silence the Foe began their path totally oblivious to the art of handling a musical instrument. They just had an extreme urge to play in a band as the cool boys did with their tattoos, shades and tight pants. But, with their no clue what so ever about making their instruments sounding good, they had to place all their effort and energy into madness and making themselves an interesting display on stage. Frenetic live shows became the bands strongest hand. Whether or not people liked the music was non important. The kids came to see their shows anyway. It was quite simply deadly to watch! Its no wonder female audience often says that they get horny enjoying the spectacle of Silence the Foe on stage. Maybe the boys in Silence the Foe have waggling bellies. But how to seduce girls with their rural dance moves and sweat sputtering headbanging, they know!

As time went by and after numerous concerts, the bandmembers began to master their instruments. Other people who actually could play where also included. This is how the fantastic Lionheart Brothers became a mutual part of Silence the Foe. For The Lionheart Brothers, a lot of it was about letting the Idiot out of one self. When other bands is all concerned about musical integrity, Silence the Foe price their focus on the bright side of life and the joy of childish playfulness from the slow early mornings to the eccentric hours after dark. It is the essence of this contradiction which makes it so interesting. That Silence the Foe takes pride in their musical intelligence is blatantly obvious. But, on the same time they see life not too seriously and themselves informal. They therefore soon forget to fall into the conventional aggressive performances of hard music. As an all-over tattooed, German stereotype hardcore dude in the middle of German hardcore land said after seeing Silence the Foe: you guys are so happy. You are not hardcore, you guys are femi hardcore. Silence the Foe is therefore the proud founder of the terms happy hardcore or femi-hardcore.

Maybe this is why the conventional hardcore enthusiasts back in Norway have chosen to reject Silence the Foe as a full-worthy hardcore band. Not that Silence the Foe gives a damn. You see, the band decided many years ago that the traditional rules within the terms of hardcore must be challenged. The band walks its own musical path. Call it rock, punk or hardcore. Silence the Foe will not label them selves one-dimensional. They leave that to the critics. But the fact that Silence the Foe consist of three guitars and percussion as an addition to the drums, it is stupid not to realize that Silence the Foe must be experienced! Both live and on the record!

In spite of Silence the Foes long life time and far over 100 concerts played, the record Shaking Hallelujah is the bands debut full-length album. Shaking Hallelujah mirrors the personality of the band. It is about joy over life, self irony (idiocy) and smiling to old women with blue hair and bingo equipment under their arms. In other words: Shaking Hallelujah is simply a party record. And the party will has roared at its worst as the album was released in Scandinavia the 24th of April 2006 on Playground Music. Hopefully other fine labels will find their interest in releasing this firecracking record. Put your party clothes on, bring friends and run to your local record shop and the STF release concerts. Silence the Foe guaranty pure euphoria!